Here We Go ! 中学1年 Unit 4.


 Youtube「なつき先生の中学講座・Here We Go ! 中1英語」の Unit 4 のノートです。



👇P64. 文法の説明と本文の解説

👇 P65.

👇 Part 2. Part 3. の文法の解説

👇P66. 本文の解説


👇P68. Part 3. 本文の解説


👇 P69.


👇 P70. Goai. [Listen の原稿]

H: Watch out.

Sorry, are you OK ?

U: Yes, I’m OK.

No problem.

Here’s your ball.

Catch !

H: Oh, nice pass.

Thank you.

U: You’re welcome.

K: Hajin.

Take care.

H: Oh, Kota.

Hey, … can I ask you something ?

K: Sure.

H: Who’s that ?

K: That’s Mr. Utada.

H: Is he an English teacher ?

He can speak English very well.

K: No, he isn’t.

He is a music teacher.

H: A music teacher ?

K: Yes.

He’s good at singing.

He can play the piano very well, too.

H: That’s great.

Is he kind ?

K: Yes.

He’s very kind.

But not always.

H: What do you mean ?

K: He’s very strict about music.

H: Oh, I see.

But he’s a nice teacher, right ?

K: Yes, I like him.

Oops !


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